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Premium Branded Part Worn Tyres
Our tyre services include:

See below for a full list of services we at Premier Tyres are able to offer you 6 days a week, see opening hours on About Us page. Tyres/Services for all types of vehicles from motorbike to car, small car to people carriers, cars to 4x4, car to vans. Whatever your requirements are, we have the knowledge to help you. Call us now for a no obligation hassle-free quote.
•  Part worn tyres (premium branded)
•  New tyres (budget and premium)
•  4 wheel laser tracking alignment
•  Wheel balancing
•  Puncture repairs
•  Wheel re-sealing
•  Valve replacement
•  Wholesale/trade sales
•  Online sales
•  Delivery service
•  New wheels
•  Space wheels
•  Steel wheels
•  Light mechanical work
•  Winter tyres
•  Run flat tyres
•  Extra load tyres
•  Commercial tyres
•  Trailer tyres
•  Performance tyres
•  Tyre safety checks (FREE)
•  Tyre pressure checks (FREE)
•  10” to 22” tyres
•  Fitment of tyres supplied by the customer
•  Help and guidance

Premier Tyres Can Offer Quality Products At Competitive Prices

• All our tyres come in pairs or sets should you require them.
• All our part worn tyres are premium branded.
• All our tyres are tested by ourselves.
Part worn tyres that have 5mm+ tread remaining.
• We also have an online store for people who aren't local to us.
• Stock is replenished regularly with deliveries from Germany.
• To show how confident we are in our products we use them on all our own vehicles.
Run flat tyres
 Winter tyres

Services Info

Tracking is the position of the wheels in relation to the steering wheel and the vehicle. Tracking can be known as toe in/toe out. If this is not set correctly then the tyres will wear unevenly. Signs of tracking set incorrectly are the car pulling to one side, steering wheel is not central for a straight line, tyres wearing incorrectly. We can set this as per the manufacturer recommended settings. Ask for a price and more details. Tracking can be affected by an impact such as hitting a kerb, large pot hole or lots of speed bumps at a quick speed.

Wheel balancing 
All wheels/tyres on any vehicle should be balanced using either knock on steel weights or stick on weights, depending of the wheel design/type. If the wheels and tyres are not balanced it can cause a vibration to occur in the steering wheel or through the car at certain speeds. For example between 30 mph and 40 mph. In some cases it can make the steering wheel/car vibrate all the time if the balancing is a long way out.

Tyre pressures 
Your tyre pressures should be set according to the manufacture recommended settings, which changes for driving speeds, vehicle load weight and tyre size. This can be found either on a label within the car or in the handbook. Ask if you are not sure and we can help. We recommended to check the pressures once a week.
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